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tathya digital design

Digital Design  |  Self-initiated brand

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The Tathya website went through rounds of changes, until finally reaching this minimal look. A minimal, clean cut design language was the best way to achieve a hassle-free shopping experience.

Apart from the basic navigation, I also designed all of the banners (based on the year's events) from time to time. From doing the photoshoots to designing it, the website was a significant part of the brand identity.


Once the website was up and running, I learned and managed the SEO and Google Analytics as well. 

During the course of the brand, I did a few certificate courses on UX/UI, understanding the user's psyche and creating a timeless experience for them. 

Handling social media marketing for the brand was the other aspect for the building up digital engagement.

Format: Digital design

Tathya website1.jpg
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