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Mystery School on fire cover.jpg
mystery of the school on fire

Book Cover Design & Inside layout | 
HarperCollins India

Meet the Super Mystery Solvers or the SMS gang of Aditya and Akriti, the nine-year-old twins, and their close friend Kabir. Together, they solve the mysteries that have baffled the police and authorities of Solan.

In this first mystery in the newly-launched SMS Detective Agency series - the SMS gang solves the perplexing case of how and why their school catches fire, not once but twice!

For the mystery title, the type here creates a spooky feel. This type creates a series look for the other titles in the same series.

Illustrated by Ayeshe Sadr & Ishaan Dasgupta

Design by Isha Nagar

You can view this book here.

Format: B, Paperback

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