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Isha Nagar_BCBF2022_Illustration1.jpg
islands of hope

Mixed Media  |  Self-initiated

Islands of hope is a self-initiated illustration project which is based on the pandemic. It reflects the situation of the society and how it was the frontline workers who came forward to help us and support us.

Format: Hand-drawn

Dimensions: A5

Medium/Tools used: Watercolor, Canson watercolor paper, Digital media

Illustration 1 

During the pandemic, people were trying to wrap their heads around it and trying everything they could to get over to the other side

Isha Nagar_BCBF2022_Illustration2.jpg

Illustration 2 

We tried everything to get over this huge calamity, jumping from one treatment to the other cure 

Isha Nagar_BCBF2022_Illustration3.jpg

Illustration 3 

Stepping on every opportunity that would free us from this disease

Isha Nagar_BCBF2022_Illustration4.jpg

Illustration 4 

We tried everything to get over this huge calamity

Isha Nagar_BCBF2022.jpg

Illustration 5 

We moved across, only to realise that our supporting foundation was no one but other people who worked twice as hard to assist us all.

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